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 1967 Fiberfab GT-12 Avenger Kit Car . $7900 OBO

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This is a Fiberfab GT-12 Avenger from the 70's mounted on a 1967 Bug Chassis. It was Fiberfab's GT-40 replica of the day. New 1641 VW engine with twin delorto's. Remote oil filter,etc. Quick release steering wheel for easier entry. Needs interior door panels and door windows adjusted. Could also use front beam rebuilt in the future. Fun little car. Hard to find one this complete. Email any questions Pictures etc.




1970 Fiberfab Avenger GT-12 Body . $850 OBO

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Fiberfab GT-12 Body with doors, seats and dash , most likely from the 70's, all original and unused. It was the GT-40 kit of the day. This one was never assembled. I only have one interior door panel. Uses a corvair windshield and a mustang fastback rear glass. Has the lift up tail like the fiberfab Valkyrie. This body was intended for a VW bug chassis but frame design prints for the mid engine V-8 Valkyrie are available online and you could use this body with some work to make a one of a kind mid engine car, definitely a project that I unfortunately just don't have time for.





Corvette C5 Rear Assembly Trans Diff Suspension & Front Suspension For Kit Car

$3100 OBO

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Complete rear assembly from a C5 Corvette with Transmission and Diff. Front suspension is missing a top A-Arm. Perfect for that kit car project. All good condition and came from a low mileage car. Also comes with driveshaft and bell housing.