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   Currently In The Works

Our name will be changing to DasL Performance which will be the manufacturing division of Car Builder Supply. All supplies,tools, fiberglass etc will be available on Car Builder Supply. Manufactured cars,chassis,mono's etc will be available at DasL performance.


Both Web Sites will be updated soon once everything is completed.


We Have successfully designed a new/modified mono and drive train using Corvette C5/C6 components. This was designed to keep costs down for the customer who is not particular about originality of the suspension, engine or drive train. Normal bodywork is used so it looks the same outside and the suspension and drive train components of the C5/C6 are readily available.

Years ago when this company started the thought was to keep it all original as possible so it was ruled out any other type of drive train then including the C5/C6 (which was considered) but now you can have either depending on your budget or desire. We will have more once the first car is built.

2 Fiberfab gt-40 replicas, 1 kit car based and the other body with a custom frame V8 combo