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962 Monocoque . Roll Cage

Our Monocoque's are Jig Build, CAD Designed,CNC Cut Parts to exact Standards at a great Price.  9+ years in design and development alone. Considering that the materials used keep going up in price and the 450+ hours minimum (12-16 weeks) to construct properly, this is a great Deal! If you could build one in less time it's just not done right. We've built enough to know.  Offered Bonded or not with or without the roll cage. Bonding is done with the  latest bonding agents and takes considerable extra time to prepare and apply but  recommended. We can also modify the mono for other uses with steel mounts,etc at the same cost, please inquire if you have any questions. We also have Roll Cage Kits available now for a great price, all pre-bent 4130 or Mild Steel tubing, you fit, supply the mountings,weld and finish. Our cost for a cage installed considers the hours needed for installation and the mountings.  


Available As:


Monocoque - complete non-bonded


Monocoque - complete Bonded


Monocoque - complete (bonded/non-bonded)

w/ separate kit roll cage



















Please inquire for more details



Check out the build pictures for more.