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   Slack Motorsport Supplies Complete Rolling Chassis and Bodywork for the 962s or your original 962. The buyer completes the car for race or street, it's up to you. Replica's if you will but we like to call them new 962's. New from the ground up with all new components including the Monocoque (check out the mono page), Framework, suspension, and full bodywork. We have been shipping Chassis, Bodywork and parts for years all over the world.

     Our reputation for quality has kept us busy and we think that says a lot about what we do. Our Aluminum Monocoques are Beautiful. We take care in producing every part and pride ourselves on a Monocoque that's as perfect as it can be. Check out the build page for photo's of the building process.

     All of our parts are CAD/CAM CNC cut and JIG built including the complete Monocoque. The only JIG of its kind in the world that keeps every critical point aligned to keep the chassis perfect during build. These New Monocoques and Chassis are the best ever built with 9+ years of designing and planning behind them.  These are the closest tolerance 962 chassis ever built, We had input from the original builders and have viewed original Porsche Blueprints. There were numerous builders of the 956/962 chassis all with the different methods. We have purchased multiple chassis in the past that were built or repaired terribly, we got rid of those, one we actually cut up.

   Another Great feature is if you happen to damage your car just send the Mono back and we can put it on the jig and get it back to perfect specifications. Chassis purchases include full product support.

   If there's something you would like to see or you have a comment let us know. We are are always looking for original 962 Memorabila and occasionally have Original 962 parts for sale. Check the links above for everything you may need for you 962 project. Also check out the original 962 pictures along with our 962s build pictures. We have a lot more information to include on this site when time permits, so check back often....

* Complete chassis with new Monocoque and bodywork for 1/4 the price of an original car.

* Framework / Suspension / Bodywork is being built on different intervals , we build chassis and parts then offer them for sale, if you would like to be on the list for upcoming chassis, please email us. Check our current inventory on the link above.

* Owner completes the build, installation of bodywork, etc and supplies engine/transmission. We will have more    information on options, pricing, and packages soon. Email for more information.


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